Sunday School: Investigating God’s Instructions

Module 4: March 1 – April 5

Adult Classes

“Discussion of Sunday Messages” (Dan Ashton & Bill Wehmeier) – Read and discuss the passages that will be used in that morning’s sermon. This is very helpful in preparing our minds for the message. (Meets in the Activity Room near the Kitchen)

“Tabor Direction” (Jim Sandberg & Brad Fox) – We all know that a healthy, vibrant church doesn’t just happen on its own. We have to be moving ahead toward the destination that Jesus has set for us by following the direction he provides. This class will be discussing some key ideas about how Tabor navigates the path Jesus has marked out for us and what that might mean on the road ahead. (Meets in the Activity Room away from the kitchen.)

Lessons from the Life of Joseph (Diana Jones, Ladies class) – The story of Joseph is filled with family drama, slavery, prison, dreams, and a palace. Yet, through all of these events, God meant it for His purposes and for good in Joseph’s life. We will investigate the lessons we can learn from Joseph, and apply those lessons to our own lives. (Meets in the classroom near the men’s restroom in the Education Wing)

“Hidden Treasures in the Bible” (Dan Wright) – It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter (Prov. 25:2). Each week we will investigate things hidden in the text of the Bible, which will show just how lovingly and carefully the Holy Spirit has designed the text of the Bible!  (Meets in Education Wing, first room on left)

Children’s Classes

2-3 year olds (Betsy Shepherd)  The children will be learning stories about the life of Jesus related to His ministry and miracles. (Meets in toddler room)

4 year olds – 2nd Grade (Jennifer Sandberg & Carol Purdy)  Using “Hands On” Bible curriculum, this class will be learning about the lives of several people from the Old Testament – School and Getting Wisdom (Solomon and Daniel), Elijah and Ahab, and Ezra and Nehemiah. (Meets in education wing, first room on right)

3rd – 5th Grade (Karen Ashton): “How Majestic Is Your Name” The names of God are wonderful revelations of His majestic character. This study presents the Hebrew names of God in the Old Testament and the names of Christ and the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. Each lesson encourages children to see and rejoice in the goodness and greatness of God as they explore the meaning of His glorious names. (Meets in education wing, second room on left)

Youth Classes

Middle School (6th-8th grade) (Dave and Terri Fulton) The Jr. High class will be studying “Speaking Wisely” – how we use our words as we interact with others as well as investigating the “Life of Joseph”. (Meets in the Prayer Room)

Sr. High (Zac Clements) The high school class will be using the “Gospel Project” curriculum focusing on the life and ministry of the Apostle Paul as he goes on his missionary journeys. As the year progresses, the study will take them to the final book, Revelation.  (Meets in the Sr. High room downstairs)

 The last Sunday of each month the Jr. High and Sr. High classes will combine and focus on prayer.