We believe that God’s primary means of speaking to us is through His Word, the Bible.  So every message delivered from the pulpit at Tabor is intended to be a careful, faithful explanation of what the Bible is saying to us today.  Because the context of any particular passage is crucial to our understanding of it, most of the messages are in series from a certain book of the Bible, working our way through it passage by passage.  Our prayer is that every Sunday the Spirit will enable us to see the relevant and radical truth of the Word and be changed by it.

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I Corinthians

2019 Miscellaneous Sermons

Ezra & Nehemiah

John 11-21


Joshua – 2 Samuel

Living Purposefully

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2 Chronicles


Matthew 14-20

1 John

2016 Miscellaneous

Exodus Part 2

Acts 20-28

Acts 13-19

Luke 9-19 – Following Jesus to the Cross



2015 Miscellaneous

John 10-12


Exodus Part 1

2014 Miscellaneous

Joseph’s Story

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John 5-8

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