Our Mission

We understand the mission of God’s people to be sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples of Him in all nations for the praise of God’s glorious grace.

This means that our mission is first and foremost about Jesus Christ.  God sent Jesus to restore the relationship with mankind that was broken by sin.  Jesus then sent his disciples to the ends of the earth to tell all people about who He is and what He has done.  This process of bringing people into Christ and building them up in Him is called making disciples.

Every follower of Christ shares in this mission today.  Some may go across an ocean, some may go across the street, and all may join in prayer and giving.  Whatever our role may be it includes a readiness to cross barriers—ethnic, social, racial, cultural barriers—that often seem uncomfortable and difficult.  But the same Lord that has authorized the mission is the same Lord that gives us the ability to accomplish it.

With this in mind, Tabor is involved in God’s mission through many different avenues.  We are sending people out to foreign lands to make disciples and supporting them strongly in the work.  We are encouraging and equipping people to take short-term mission opportunities in the U.S. and abroad to partner with other ministries.  We are looking around in our own communities to serve those that we normally do not come into contact with in everyday life.  We are following His lead near and far.