Ministry Teams

Tabor functions at an organizational level because people are willing to shoulder the various tasks that make body life possible and effective. Our 12 Ministry Teams include members of the church and as many non-members as wish to participate.  Every person who considers Tabor their home, both members and non-members, can and should have a place in the structure of our ministry to one another. Ministry Teams are one way to envision that mutual ministry.

Administrative Team

Manage business affairs by ensuring that all tax, regulatory, and legal obligations are met in a timely manner. Management of human resource issues relating to employees of Tabor.

Care Team

Seek to relieve the needs of those in distress within the body, including provision of financial assistance, meals, personal assistance, guidance, and physical labor, as they arise.

Education Team

Teach and serve others in the Sunday School, children’s church, and nursery ministries, as well as other educational opportunities that may arise.

Facilities Team

Care for the physical property of the church including its buildings, grounds, and non-electronic equipment.

 Fellowship Team

Promote fellowship among all people in the body, especially through gatherings outside of the Sunday morning worship services. Welcome and help assimilate visitors and new-comers.

Finance Team

Oversee the proper handling, accounting, and planning of financial gifts to Tabor, and oversee the creation and execution of the budget.

Outreach Team

Encourage and direct the involvement of the body in strategic local ministry. This will include both long-term and short-term partnerships with other people and organizations.

Prayer Team

Promote the discipline of both personal and corporate prayer among the body by regularly sharing needs/answers to prayer and worshipping God through prayer.

Sending Team

Oversee the various support needs of the missionaries that we partner with, and provide direction to short-term mission opportunities for teams and individuals from among the body.

Student Ministry Team

Contribute to a discipleship-driven ministry to teenage and college-age students that will develop them as mature believers in Christ.

Technology Team

Utilize the technology resources at Tabor in a way that best facilitates corporate worship, ministry outreach, and administrative efficiency.

Worship Team

Participate in planning, leading and/or facilitating corporate worship in our Sunday gatherings.