As we move into the future as a Body of Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ:

We will remain committed to people, not programs.  The church is people; building the church is building people so that they increasingly live like Jesus.  In a word… discipleship.  Facilities and events may be tools in reaching this goal, but they will never be the goal.

We will always honor God’s Word as the foundation of our faith and practice.  The Bible will be the standard by which we relate to one another and provide instruction for spiritual growth.

We will see worship as a heart response to the living God, not merely an activity or style of music.  We will not elevate form over function, but will seek to, “Engage with God on terms He proposes and in the way that He alone makes possible.”

We will keep looking outside the perimeter of our own fellowship.  Our mission is to reach those who don’t know Christ with the Gospel, in all places, along with all who call on His name.  We want to “export Tabor” by spreading the grace He has showered upon us, in all its various forms, with both believers and unbelievers who are not part of our local fellowship.

We will aim at growing missionaries, not just funding them.  Making disciples of all nations will require that we send people out from us, not just resources.

We will not strive to make this church larger.   If God increases the number of people meeting with us to worship and serve Him, we expect that He will then send us out to plant new churches or to link arms with another fellowship of like-minded believers.