stage-sanctuarySunday Morning
Our Sunday morning gathering has the feel of a family because that is what we are.  But it is all about worshipping God: praising Him with our songs, talking to Him in prayer, and hearing from Him through a message from the Bible.  And it is a corporate worship experience, because we are the Body of Christ – Jesus Christ, by His Spirit, dwells within us as a fellowship of believers.  So we are conscious of one another when we gather, and seek to encourage and equip one another for a life of worship, believing that God is present among us as a body.

Sunday Evening
Our gathering on Sunday evening has some flexibility.  We are likely to have an informal time of fellowship that is focused on prayer and God’s Word.  Our teenagers will meet in the Fellowship Hall at the same time.  Occasional meetings for members or church business are held to share about our fellowship, ministry effectiveness, and to celebrate the Source of our unity.  Some of our community groups meet in the homes of group members on this evening as well.  Check the calendar for more information.