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Sunday School: Feeding Your Faith

Module 4 Choices:  March 10 – April 14, 2019

Peacemakers Part II: Connie & Steve Gray
Conflict is all around us. It affects our marriages, families, churches, neighborhoods and workplaces. It damages relationships and tarnishes our witness to the world. Through the gospel, where God reconciles a sinful people to himself, His people are given both a vision and a practical way to live in peace with one another. Peacemaking brings the prospect of hope for broken relationships and a powerful witness to a watching world. In this class, we will discuss biblical ways to deal with and resolve the conflicts in our lives and to guide others through the process of reconciliation. (Meets in Activity Room away from kitchen.)

Discussion of Sunday Messages: Dan Ashton
Read and discuss the passages that will be used in that morning’s sermon. This is very helpful in preparing our minds for the message. (Meets in the Activity Room near the kitchen.)

Seeing Jesus in the Picture Meanings of the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet: Dan Wright
There are 22 letters in the Hebrew Alphabet. We are used to our own English ABCs and to the idea that each of our 26 English letters stand for little mouth sounds, which we combine to spell out words. Hebrew is not only an alphabet of shapes which stand for mouth sounds, but interestingly, each of the 22 Hebrew letters also convey little picture ideas! If you understand the picture meanings of the Hebrew letters, you will begin to see for yourself how the meanings of the Hebrew words come from the combinations of these little idea-grams, and gain new insight into the Hebrew vocabulary used in the Old Testament (which is 8,674 words, according to the Strong’s Concordance). We will also see how each of the meanings of the 22 Hebrew letters describe some facet of the Person and the Work of the Lord Jesus Christ! We will see God’s Word be perfect on multiple levels simultaneously down to the very letters themselves. We will spend some time looking at the very first letter of the Bible, and how its concepts are at the very heart of what the Lord has been doing from the very beginning and down through history! (Meets in the first classroom on the left in the Education Wing.)

Hard Sayings of the New Testament: Jim Sandberg & Brad Fox
The New Testament is filled with many “hard sayings”, which are often challenging to understand. This study will examine 2 sayings per class. We will have some discussion in the word together about them, looking for contextual meaning and personal application. (Meets in Heritage Room.)

No Sunday School on Easter, April 21st