Community Groups

Building Community to Reach the Community
At Tabor, we believe it is important to gather the whole community of believers together in one place for the purpose of giving praise to God and hearing from God through His Word. This is biblical and important for healthy body life among God’s people, but it is not always the best context to build deep relationships with one another. This is why we have gatherings of smaller groups of people in different homes. We want to encourage a more intimate environment where people will care for one another as they know each other well. As we build healthy community through these relationships we will also look to reach the community around us through unconditional love, serving needs, and sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.

Our GOALS for each community group are to encourage and support mutual care, nurture spiritual growth, and develop team-oriented service between its members.

  1. Care. Group members care for one another out of genuine love. They know one another well enough to be aware of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of other group members, and they actively seek to meet those needs.
  2. Growth. Each member is encouraged to see spiritual growth as a process that happens in relationship with others, not just in our own personal life. We live according to God’s Word and learn to live like Christ most effectively by encouraging others and being accountable to them. Discipleship is growing as a follower of Christ in connection with others.
  3. Service. One of the unique opportunities of community groups is that they have the opportunity to serve as a team. The combined gifts and resources of each member will open the door for more opportunities and effective ministry together.