doors-into-sanctuaryIf you would like to discover more about Tabor Church then you can participate in two courses designed to give you an in depth look at who we are.  These courses are scheduled as we become aware of the interest, and take place on Sunday morning before the main worship service.  There is no requirement to join the church when you participate.  It is simply for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  Please contact the church office or one of the elders if you would like to participate in this.

These courses will… 

1) Clarify what we believe – The GOSPEL as the theological basis of our unity;

2) Clarify how believers are to live in relationship with God and with one another in this world – the true meaning of LOVE;

3) Introduce Tabor to class participants, so that they have a basic understanding of our history, theology, character, government, values, and policies as a fellowship;

4) Explore the commitment of each participant to Jesus Christ as Lord, and potentially to a covenant partnership with the members of this church as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Study the Word Topics:

       BASICS I – What We Believe

1.  Nature of God – includes His character, attributes, glory, purpose in human history.
2.  Nature of Man – includes reason for man’s existence and story line of the Bible.
3.  Life and Ministry of Christ – focus on Gospel record.
4.  Justification – relate truths of election, redemption, reconciliation, conversion.
5.  Sanctification – lordship of Christ, ministry of Spirit, spiritual growth, transformation.
6.  Glorification – includes truth on assurance, heaven, end times.
7.  Confession: “Do you believe this?”

       BASICS II – How We Live

1.  Loving God
2.  Loving God in a Godless World
3.  Loving People
4.  Community: loving real people
5.  Ministry: love in action
6.  Mission: loving the lost
7.  Commitment: “Will you live this way?”